Sunday, July 24, 2022

Yep...I'm Still Vertical!

 I've received several emails recently from folks concerned about my health as a result of the dearth of posts on It's heart warming to think that you care enough to shoot me an email. When I started this blog, I made myself two promises. no politics and no belly aching about personal health issues.

I made the mistake of posting one topic that could be construed as political and learned my lesson; no more politics. My immobility problems have worsened as a result of a combination of osteoarthritis and Crohns disease induced poly-arthropathy. Thankfully the intestinal Crohns nonsense has been quiet lately. In 2009 I had both intestinal symptoms and multiple joint arthropathy, not a good combination when you have to double time it to the bathroom! 

Anyhow, I'm finally having a left total knee replacement on August 3rd so I can hobble about my little hovel.  I've been occupied with lots of pre-op testing and clearances from a plethora of medicos and everything seems to be all set!

Meanwhile, I hope some of you can enjoy some of my old posts. The 2 all time most read posts are "Not On My Backtable" and the one on that dreaded operating room nemesis, perineal fallout. You can be sure the first thing I'm going to check out when I'm wheeled into that OR is that rubber bands are in place around the distal portion of everyones' scrub suits. I'm also having this done under spinal anesthesia so I can keep an eye on the goings on!