Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I know that I'm an old foolish retrogrouch and take a perverse sort of  reverse snob attitude  regarding electronic devices. No smartphone, no flatscreen TV, but I still use a VCR. The only media platform I'm on is Blogger - No Facebook, no Instagram, no Tumblr, and no Twitter.

So a really big thank you to whoever began "Tweeting" about my foolishness on Twitter. A whole bunch of really  nice people began perusing my foolishness as a result of some kind soul twittering. I appreciate the new readers. I'm not quite sure how this Twitter thing works, but if you do like something could you consider tweeting about it?  I treasure your readership.

I used to receive quite a few readers from "Headnurse" blog, but since Jo retired from her blog there has been a slump. I should not complain, I'm happy if just one person reads my posts.

If you found me, I know it has not been easy and I do appreciate indulgers of my foolishness and those who share me foolhardy endeavors. My hats off to those of you who are conduits of my foolishness and pass it on to others.


  1. Tweren't me to Twitter, cuz I don't ~ but I tell folk about you all the time ~
    I miss Jo too ~

  2. You're an excellent storyteller, no wonder people pass on the links!

  3. Thanks Bobbie and Gatling. I neglected to mention my best Luddite boast to my technophobe status. My landline (is there any other type of telephone?) retains pulse dialing. There is something soothing about that almost hypnotic click..click as I place a call. I need something to calm my frayed nerves, especially when making one of my frequent calls to drs. offices. Those darn phone menus or whatever they are called drive me nuts. What ever happened to the day when you could call your Dr. and immediately speak with a kind, sympathetic nurse?

  4. Your blog is always entertaining. It's fascinating for a young doc like me to hear about medicine in the old days! Keep on blogging!

  5. Thanks, Dr. Burbank (oldsters like myself never address MDs by their first name!) I'm honored by your readership.