Friday, December 8, 2017

Ahh-The Good Old days

I got sick and tired of viewing that  image of the traumatized (and that's putting it nicely) young man in my previous post. Kind of a foolish post and I should probably refrain from reading old posts.  My proof reading skills are lacking to the extent when I go back over my post to correct errors, I make it even worse. Paradoxical indeed!

I've had this picture floating around and could not come up with a post that equals what it illustrates. I catch myself staring at it and daydreaming of the old days before patients were customers and hospitals became health care centers. It's so much nicer than that previous traumatic  illustration. What was I thinking?

Caps, Rotary dial telephone, paper charts, and nurse attentively viewing a cathode ray tube monitor. I think I just heard that distinctive air bubble  gurgle from a vented glass IV bottle as it infuses. 


  1. I remember those cathode ray monitors... we called ours "Ollie"!

  2. I love the pretty cap on the nurse at the front - when nurses looked like nurses!

  3. I remember them all as angels of mercy. Even the old cranky ones with bad backs.

  4. Jono, that's kind of you to remember them in such a good light. Nursing students were the favorite target of abuse for the older battle hardened veteran nurses. My fingers still ache when I think of Alice my OR supervisor. She could swing a sponge stick with impressive knuckle busting force. OUCH