Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Hospital Signage

Yesterday's sign was a model of stark simplicity

Today a ridiculous hodge podge of word jugglery. What a mess!


  1. Who came up with the idea of color-coded lines painted on the floors, and Were they nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize?

    1. So wonderful to hear from you Officer Cynical. Too many lost souls traipsing through the halls of modern hospitals seeking "outpatient" care that would probably be better done as an inpatient. My friend had outpatient gall bladder surgery and all was fun and games until complications took hold. Then it was red balling it back to the hospital time.

      Walking around hospitals today is risky business with everyone's gaze fixed on those goofy floor lines you mentioned. In the old days all you had to do was ask a nurse for directions and she would escort you to your destination while offering kindly encouragement.

  2. I just love the things you notice OFRN - I haven't even thought about hospital signage. Even enlarging the picture it took me some time to read all those directions - what it's like for the poor soul trying to negotiate their way around I can only imagine.

    We don't have coloured lines on the floors yet but it's bound to come... Love the post, Sue.

  3. Thanks for you loyal readership, Sue. Some hospital signs really leave me scratching my foolish head. I cannot figure out the "Ambulatory Surgery Department." How in the heck can they operate on someone who is walking around? ( - ;

  4. Last time I had surgery OFRN (some time ago thankfully) I was forced to leave the hospital as soon as I regained consciousness in Recovery and could barely stand. I and my friends were horrified as were the poor nurses caring for me. I remember overhearing one of them say to the other "Next they'll be telling the patients they have to walk out of the operating theatre". Maybe that's ambulatory surgery??? Cheers! Sue.