Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Downey V.A. Hospital Signage

Dr. Scott Mastores is  a graduate of  Chicago Medical School which was constructed on the Downey VA Hospital grounds shortly after I quit working there. Thankfully, he rescued this sign from the trash and was kind enough to Email it to me to share with all those interested in Downey VA hospital.

There were lots of interesting signs at Downey and this one was on prominent display in the lobby of most of the buildings. I don't think many of the patients bothered to read them and enforcement was lax. Most of the nurses at Downey would much rather have patients lying on the floor than fighting on the wards.

Just about every ward had a pool table and a sign that stated throwing pool balls was prohibited. I broke up an unusually nasty altercation where two patients were bayonetting each other with pool cues and was promptly advised there was no signage prohibiting this activity. "If we can't throw poll balls at one another, what are we supposed to do?" was their response.


  1. "Smoke only in the day room"

    Man on man, how times have changed!

    I've been away from blogging for a bit, but I'm always glad to read a new post from you. I hope you've been well!

    1. I always delight hearing from you, shrtstormtrooper, I've been having some trouble getting organized for a post, but luckily Dr. Mastores sent me his fascinating sign from Downey VA Hospital. Smoking at Downey wasn't just confined to dayrooms. The lobbies of each building were always filled with a dense cloud of smoke and the ever present drinking fountains were used as ashtarys despite signage prohibiting the practice. The signs demanded "Do not put cigarette butts in drinking fountains." Someone was sure to add "they get soggy and don't light." HaHa!

      I've been doing well and my garden has been doing great thanks to all the rain here in Pittsburgh. I hope you are having a productive garden too. Wishing you and your husband all the best!

    2. Hello to our friend in Texas! I hope your garden is doing well there Shrtstomtrooper!

      OFRN, I remember visiting a friend who was sick in another hospital and being stunned at nurses strolling down the ward smoking as they went! I'm all in favour of being relaxed, but that was a bit too chilled for my comfort!

      Love that sign. I think you should hang it on a wall somewhere! It'd be kind of good in a teenage boy's bedroom wouldn't it?! Thanks for giving me another chuckle! Cheers from Sue