Thursday, April 16, 2015

A New Book, Becoming Nursey by Kati Kleber RN

Nursing books of yesteryear were dull, uninspiring, and in a way judgmental and preachy. They were all navy blue and looked very plain. Our pediatric text often concluded a description of some dread disease with the statement "These children rarely become useful citizens." That line always gave me the creeps as a student and years later, still bothers me. I don't know who is qualified to make judgments like this. I suspect someone with a special combination of arrogance and ignorance.

It really is great to see how much times have changed.  Becoming Nursey, a new book by Kati Kleber is very informative and uplifting.

It really is heartwarming to see a young nurse so passionate about bedside nursing. We were all bedside nurses in my day. Today it seems so many young  "nurses"  opt for nurse entrepreneur, computer nurse,  insurance company nurse, and a number of other non patient contact positions just to escape the bedside which is where the heart and sole of nursing lives. I am sure Kati could have succeeded in any of these endeavors, but chose bedside nursing.

I think this choice can be a difficult path to follow and she offers many valuable tips and insights that are helpful. Bedside nursing is where the long term rewards are. Forty years from now you won't care what kind of smartphone you had, but the care you invested in your patients and what your patients returned to you will remain etched in your consciousness  providing a sense of peace and fulfillment that does not exist in non bedside nursing positions. Kati's new book can help your spirit thrive at the bedside.

Reading this book did bring to mind some situations that I could have been more accommodating and understanding with new nurses. It's hard to be really supportive when feeling time pressured or some imminent disaster is brewing. I don't think older nurses are necessarily mean hearted, but the stress of the job can cause a gruff exterior at times. In my heart, I always admired young nurses and thought their job was much more difficult than mine.

If you are thinking about nursing as a career this book is a good window to living as a nurse. I wish there was something as uplifting when I was younger. It used to be a trial by fire mentality and it is nice to see times change.

Nursing texts are necessary and I have spent many happy hours with them. This book is a great read because it goes beyond what is covered in a textbook in that it reveals the spirit of nursing. I feel certain that Florence Nightingale would have purchased this book if it had been available in her time.

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