Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sacral Perirenal Oxygen Insufflation - An Embarassing Gas Problem

A uroseptic patient positioned  with his derriere kissing the ceiling. A 3 inch spinal needle. Gas under pressure injected to the tune of over a liter. A young resident with the reassuring words, "Don't worry I've done this once before..."  What could go wrong?
I cannot imagine a more unpleasant imaging experience than this one from the 1960's. Just imagine feeling as sick as a dog and having someone position you with your buttocks as the highest point of your body and then ram rodding a 3 inch spinal needle into your coccyx. The best is yet to come as over a liter of oxygen is pumped into a place that it certainly does not belong. If you think expelling air post-colonoscopy is uncomfortable, you aint seen nothing yet. The only way to get rid of gas from this procedure is to hope that it absorbs before you suffer a fatal emboli.

All this for an X-ray that might define the morphology of a diseased kidney.

Thank god for CT scans.


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