Monday, August 29, 2016

Stop the Epipen Madness

This story has all the usual elements of a Big Pharma vs. patient drama but with a few twists. We have the usual villainous CEO but this time it's a female Martin Shkreli in the form of a person named Heather Bresch who runs Mylan. She boosted the price of an auto injector device for epinephrine to be used for treating anaphylaxis by a gazillion per cent.

Rather than piling on this greedy CEO it might be easier to cease using her overpriced product. There is a simple alternative called a needle and syringe. To make this novel device fool proof simply preload it with the correct dose. You can jab that needle into your thigh just as you would with that auto injector gizmo and save yourself big money.

You are only going to frustrate yourself by trying to reason with Big Pharma CEOs. Most of them are hard core, dyed in the wool sociopaths. Ms. Bresch even attempted to claim she possessed an MBA degree that she never earned. Stay away from people like this. They are nothing but heartache and trouble. Epinephrine is dirt cheap and syringes are easy to use. Problem solved. Next on the agenda those leaking Micro Cool Surgical gowns profiled on 60 Minutes. I've got a simple fix for that one too.

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  1. I think someone needs to find something HB is allergic to; inject her with it, and then tell her she can't afford the EpiPen to deal with it.