Friday, September 2, 2016

A Toss Up

Maybe some of you bright young whippersnapperns could enlighten an Old Fool about what is going on here. I have narrowed it down to a couple of possibilities. Either the seated nurse is about to catheterize the supine patient or the supine surgeon is performing a new age hemorrhoidectomy on the seated patient. I guess it's a toss up.

I like the notion of OR table portability. With those wheels and the person on top in a driver's position it looks like this thing could me driven from one OR to another in a jffy. This would be perfect for the patient having two different surgeries in the same session. After having that total knee replacement in the ortho suite he could be driven straight to the general surgery room for that much needed hemorrhoidectomy.  For added flexibility and quick  access to different sites may I suggest the addition of a rotisserie option to this table.

I just hope the anesthetists know how to use those old school ambu bags during transport and can hook the patient back up to the anesthesia machine in the new room before the patient awakens.  On second thought, why not just attach a vaporizer to the table for in transit anesthesia?


  1. I am not an RN, but did find it. It's an ergonomic laparoscopic surgery stool, on casters, with armrests. Evidently, surgeons were eager to try it out at an expo. While the photo does look a bit ridiculous, I wonder about the poor anesthesiologist and how he/she fits into this picture? Oh yes, link:

  2. Thanks for the info. I guess the anesthetist would have to intubate before positioning the patient. We used to intubate patients on the litter and then transfer them to a prone or other weird positon. Moving an intubated, anesthetized patient always made me very nervous.

  3. When I had all three of my neurosurgeries, which were done on my back, I was knocked out on my back, not on the OR table, presumably intubated, then flipped over.

  4. I hope your surgeries went well, Moontoad and you are doing well.

    1. My back has finally stopped hurting just this past few weeks, and the surgery was in Feb. I'm back to normal, thanks!