Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Epipen Foolishness and A Real Money Maker

In all my years of nursing practice I have witnessed a total of 3 anaphylactic reactions and none of them were life threatening. Anecdotal accounts are really worthless so I looked it up. The annual death rate from anaphylaxis is 0.63 per million. You really are more likely to be struck by lightening (1 per million.) The lifesaving merits of the Epipen have been grossly overhyped by Mylan Pharmaceuticals.

Heather Bresch  the disgusting Mylan CEO not only boosted the price of the Epipen, she used her mother ( a school board leader bigshot)  to peddle this "life saving" Epeipen to school districts. It would have  greater social value to peddle lightening rods.

I made my vast fortune with my scrub nurse skills, but everyone can always use more money. Here is my proposal direct from the Old Fool product development institute.

Cardiac arrest is very common. If you have one of those fancy new AEDs nearby you might survive, but with one caveat. All that time your heart stopped your body was anaerobically metabolizing glucose creating a Life threatening acidosis. Just ask Heather Bresch if you don't believe me

To the rescue from Oldfool pharmaceutials comes a breakthrough new product. Sodium bicarbonate in autoinjectable devices. Just find a handy vein and go to town. Sodium Bicarb will buffer that nasty acidosis in nothing flat.

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