Friday, August 4, 2017

Emerging Nurse Leaders - What in Blue Blazes?

It doesn't take all that much to rankle my hackles these days. From nurse office sitters that don't know the basics of setting up a Mayo stand or how to cut a series of ligatures all the exact same length with just 2 snips of your Straight  Mayos. These are the same folks who dictate aseptic procedures while sneezing without a Kleenex. Regulatory and office sitting busy bodies regularly let loose with more crap than a chimp on laxatives and it's high time they stopped circling the bowl.

What the heck is an EMERGING nurse leader. It's high time they got off the pot and did something for a patient. Find someone to suction, milk a chest tube, load a Raney clip and by the way that Foley bag needs emptied. Emerge already and do something. Back away from that desk, arise out of that comfortable chair and for gosh sakes do something. While you were preoccupied with emerging other nurses were out there actually doing things for patients. Enough is enough!


  1. You should change your name to Old wise.

  2. Well said. Nurses are moving away from the bedside. There won't be many left willing or able to follow all those rules and guidelines and actually take care of the patient.

  3. Whenever my arthritis flares, it brings out my cantankerous side. I was writing a post about my beloved OR supervisor, Alice, and stumbled upon a modern website about emerging nurse leaders.

    Alice never emerged from anything. A member of The Greatest Generation whose leadership skills were forged in the cauldron of a WWII battlefield OR. Now there was a leader who could match clinical skills with all comers.

    One morning after an all nighter in the trauma room I collapsed into the nearest OR corner for a rest. A tiny almost childlike hand reached down to help me up. It was Alice looking very concerned. I could not believe this was the hand that had slapped my knuckles with a sponge ring forceps when I was a novice learning the trade. Some times her tough veneer wore thin and underlying kindness took over. They don't make em like they used to.

  4. Aha ~ gotcha...
    I'm sorry about your arthritis.