Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Year - New You Thanks to Tapeworms

A penny in the fuse box solution for weight loss. Maybe I can launch a new career in retirement as a tape worm sanitizer by training the little critters to jump into a bottle of Phisohex.


  1. I hear leeches are coming back into style. I'm thinking about investing in a leech ranch.

    1. I've noticed Guy's Hospital in London actually has a website giving information about its leech therapy program Officer Cynical. You may be onto a winner there! According to the web page their leeches are especially farmed in Wales.
      Who'd have thought? Cheers, Sue.

  2. What do you do with all your little friends once you have reached your goal? Re-sanitize them and pass them on to the next person in need?

  3. Off. Cynical ~ I'll go in on that with you!!

  4. gotta teach 'em to jump out, too. And then into the little open capsules. Be nice if they pulled the lids on as well.

  5. Maybe tapeworm training would be a suitable Launchpad for my next "big thing," teaching sardines how to swim into those little cans.