Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Most Popular Post of 2018

For the life of me, I can never predict which one of my foolish posts makes for a good read. I tend to favor outright goofiness and venturesome tales that lend themselves to entertainment purposes. Imagine my surprise when a dull, uninspiring fact laden account of the disappearance of genuine glass IV bottles was the most viewed post. Go figure! I got that last bit of lingo from listening to whippesnapperns. Who says you can't teach an Oldfoolrn  new tricks

One of my favorite posts received less than 10% of my boorish IV bottle post. Operating room  nurses tended to have somewhat of a twisted sense of humor. I guess it went with the territory. It was all business in the midst of a case but at the end of the day buffoonery showed it's prankish  face. Arguments are for the surgeons so nurses had special little ways of settling disputes. One of my favorites forms of arbitration was the ring stand race. This contest was used to determine clean-up duties and delegate unpleasant duties like clearing out floor drains or troubleshooting clogged suction machines. Maybe I favored ring stand races because I could slither myself through that hooped demon with as much speed as poop flows through a goose. Here's the link in one of my cheesy attempts to solicit readers.


  1. Happy New Year, OF! I'm looking forward to many more of your posts!

  2. I hope you had a happy Christmas OFRN and best wishes for the New Year and I'm anticipating many more fascinating posts from you. We are sweltering in the worst heatwave to hit Australia in recorded history, so little Sam and I will be spending the evening strolling quietly by the sea enjoying the evening after an oven-like day. Cheers from Sue!

  3. Thanks to both of you for your kind words and long term readership. Sue, I hope the weather turns cooler for you. Here in Pittsburgh we are having a very warm Winter but it's still cold. It seems to me that most everything today is in the extreme from weather to politics.

  4. Indeed, from bushfires to cyclones, tsunamis & heatwaves, Brexit, Trump, and I've forgotten who our Prime Minister is (we change them every few weeks here now & paramedics are complaining when checking brain function they can no longer ask patients who is the PM as the answer is "It was X last week but I don't know who it is this week" - I'm afraid it's that old Chinese curse OFRN, "May You Live in Interesting Times". Good health and happy posting this year despite it all! Cheers from Sue

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