Wednesday, March 10, 2021


 This blog has always been filled with foolishness, it's the underlying theme and glue that holds everything together. Lately, much to my amazement, posts about my experiences at Downey VA Hospital have been the most widely read. Although my tenure at this long term psychiatric warehouse was but a brief snippet of my work as a nurse, it left me with some of the most profound memories of human suffering. The men from Downey were a memorable bunch and will always occupy a special place in my heart.

I felt it was unfair to those with an interest in life at Downey to peruse through a quagmire of other posts completely unrelated to Downey so I set up labels on blogger to categorize my ramblings. I started by categorizing the Downey posts and then got carried away and added some other groupings.  So if you want to see my 1970s paystubs documenting my meager nurse's  salary just view the label "remuneration." If you are curious about the demise of sluice rooms just call up hospital design. You can also learn why old school operating rooms were always on the top floor of the hospital.

I hope this labeling makes things easier for my treasured readers. The labels begin in the right column just below my profile.


  1. Very neat and tidy OFRN! Where do I find that lovely old New Zealand video of The New Nurse now? I still enjoy watching it from time to time! Hope you're keeping well (& vaccinated?) Cheers from Sue

    1. What a coincidence, Sue, I just watched that New Zealand video. It's one of my favorites. I labeled it under "nurses" and "hospital culture." If you search under "The new nurse-circa 1965" It should pop right up.

      I did get the first vaccination of the Pfizer vaccine thanks to a whippersnappern's intervention. I had no luck getting it scheduled on my own.

    2. Thanks for that OFRN, I just watched it again myself! I do feel refreshed after watching that video. What a blast from the past it is! Lovely.

      Our vaccine role out here seems to have been delayed for some unknown reason until October. Glad you have got the first shot at least. The grandson of a friend of mine is working as a surgeon in Portland and has had his vaccination recently.

      I hope our Texas nurse friend posts again! Cheers from Sue

    3. I hope things are better in Texas too. This has been a challenging year for all, especially the courageous whippersnapperns that face the virus every day. They must feel like a lamb being led off to slaughter.

  2. That must have taken some time. Now I can read whatever I'm in the mood for if there isn't a new post to enhance my enlightenment. :)

  3. My mind does work on the slow side but I hope the labels are worth while.

    Shtstormtrooper from ER Nurse Insanity blog left me a touching comment about the folks I cared for at Downey VA hospital and it seems to have mysteriously vanished. I treasure all of your comments and did not want to overlook a comment.