Friday, October 29, 2021

O.R. Poem

 Find me a place

where the overheads shine bright

and the hollering gives fright.

Find me a suture that closes just right

and a patient that awakes without

a pathology that gives a great fright.

I remember a young scrub nurse

hiding from the world.

Find me all these things

And that is where you'll find me.


  1. Glad you are still around to be found.

    1. Hi Jono!
      I'm still around, but have sailed into a Bermuda Triangle of sorts involving health issues that have put a damper on my blogging. I made a promise to myself not to belly ache about personal pathology problems. I don't think anyone enjoys listening to oldsters, especially foolish ones complain about their hospital experiences, but at least I might have some fodder for posts when I recover a bit. Healthcare today is like a parallel universe where cash is king and genuine caring is not for sale. We would have gotten the boot early in our diploma school nursing years if we acted like some of the youngsters today. Most of them are truly wonderful but ohhhh, the attitudes!

    2. My girlfriend, who is also 70, sometimes refers to a zoom gathering of old friends as an "organ recital." At this age we all understand that.

    3. Hi jono, I had a chuckle at your girlfriend's comment! I had a long chat with an old friend recently and realized at the end of it we'd spent a lot of time talking about various aches and pains and sundry ailments - something I'd promised myself never to do! Terrifying. I must stop it! Cheers! Sue

  2. It's been looking lonely here lately OFRN! I was getting worried about you. We are opening up here but I am still wary with all the Delta around, even fully vaccinated. You take care of yourself there! Sue

  3. Thanks so much for your comment Sue. I received a COVID booster, but developed some unrelated problems that have slowed my foolish blogging down. Lots of folks are perusing my old posts which inspires me to once again resume blogging on a regular basis.

    I love to read poetry, but stink at writing it. If you would like to read a really spooky OR poem just google "operating room poem by John Reed. It's only 11 lines long but absolutely leaves an impression!

  4. Read it just now OFRN - you're right about that one, great poem! I used to collect postcards from WW1 written by military nurses to their families, I have them from all over Europe - translating them is fascinating. That poem made me think of them.

    I am sorry to hear you've hit health issues! I hope things improve for you soon. What's that old saying - "If you wake up and nothing hurts, you must be young"- yep, getting older ain't easy. Take care of yourself, mate!

    I think you should feel free to vent away about your recent hospital experiences, honestly I think we'd all be interested!

    Take it easy my friend, Cheers from Sue