Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nurse Graduation Day 1968

A true classic. It seems like yesterday! The person recording this must have thought it was a very important event. There were no cell phone video recorders or even cam corders. The person had to use a camera running genuine film through it and synching it to a magnetic sound strip.

I posted "Commencement" back in March specific to my graduation if anyone is interested. It was very similar to video. The closing scene with the lit Nightingale lamps and graduates reciting the pledge was a diploma school universal event. Our instructors always positioned themselves in front of the class during the recitation and at our school it was a tradition that students "accidentally" dripped hot wax from our candles on them. A passive-aggressive payback for 3 years of pure torture. We had our pins and diploma. What could they do except scream?

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