Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Nurses Day

I perused some very touching posts on Allnurses about nurse's hands and they got me to thinking about my old, wrinkled, and age spot riddled hands. In my youth they were very nimble and served me well. I will always be grateful for the time I had working as a nurse and the people I met along the way. Here are a few things my grubby old lunch hooks have engaged in.

My hand has held the hand of patients during many anesthesia inductions. Each one was different; some were firm, some were shaking, some were soaking wet, and a few were covered in blood. They all somehow relaxed a bit as I held their hand and they finally drifted off. It was one of the most meaningful gestures (I hope) to patients.

My hands have cut thousands of surgical ties each exactly the same length (give or take a millimeter here and there.)

My hands have given many their last bath while my mind was wishing them peace in their afterlife. Far too many could not find their peace in this life.

My right hand has a piece missing from my index finger after a foolish encounter with a Mallis bipolar cautery forceps. I should have been more careful. Haste makes waste.

These hands have dropped more than one glass IV bottle. I vividly recall that combination breaking glass and IV solution explosion.

These hands have received amputated limbs after the hand off from a surgeon. Our hospital actually leased burial plots from a nearby cemetery for their final resting place. I sometimes wondered what future anthropologists would think if this site was ever investigated with a dig.

These hands have held a Gelfoam patch on a bleeding site while praying it would stop.

These hands have counted thousands of sponges and accounted for every last one. (Hopefully)
I tried my best and am not aware of any foreign body mishaps which was grounds for getting fired.

Late at night on a few emergency cases these hands were not all that steady. I did come up with some strategies for this, please see my post " Fools Foils for Fasciculating Fingers"

I guess now that I've stooped to self promotion it's time to wrap it up. Happy nurses day to all. I really do appreciate those who indulge in my foolishness.


  1. Keep self-promoting. You earned it.

  2. You bedside nurses are heroes. Can't do what you guys do :)
    Sarah @