Monday, August 10, 2015

Student Nurses Commandments C. 1960

These "directives" were from the Halifax Infirmary School of Nursing sometime in the 1960's.

1. Thou shalt never appear untidy.

2. Neither shall thy hair touch thy collar scorning the ordained hairnet.

3.Thou shalt not - when on duty - friendly calls by phone receive.

4.Thou shall sleep in the darkness of thy room in my own bed  by 10:00 PM. What the heck was that about? Nor shalt thou study by flashlight or converse in low whispers lest by this thou shall disturb the sleep of thy royal roommate.

5. Thou shall not appear on duty artificially adorned nor shalt though gird thy fingers and arms with miscellaneous jewelry, nor display in thy pocket a colored handkerchief.

6. Thou shalt with interns maintain a strictly professional mien.

7. Neither shalt thou harbor the filthy weed. and thou shalt not in the residence partake of the company of Lady Nicotine.

8. Thou shalt not in the morning thy room leave untidy. Nor shall thy cupboard be compared to a bazaar.

9. Thy bed thou shalt strip on the third day of the week. Thou shalt leave it unmade 'till sundown, then thou shalt carefully replace the linen squaring the corners as is thy duty to thy knowledge.

10. Nor shalt though be tardy for breakfast.

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