Friday, April 22, 2016

Now, That's What I'm Talking About!

Scrub Nurse in proper scrub dress, but get that hand out of your pocket unless you are reaching for that ever-present wash cloth to mop the surgeon's sweaty forehead. Those lights are hot and we did not have air conditioning in many of our rooms. Positive pressure  HVAC  ventilation systems were decades in the future. Beautiful terrazzo floors being stomped on by genuine cloth shoe covers... Oh yeah.. Cloth masks, caps, and of course drapes. Glass IV bottles. Classic overhead lighting with a diffuse primary light and satellite spot. I just love that giant ring adjusting hand grip on the main light and the bicycle grip on the satellite. I can almost feel them in my old foolish wrinkled up hand with Dr. Slambow saying, "Thanks for shedding some light on the subject, fool." (He always said that and chuckled and of course I joined in with a little laugh.) It was always prudent to laugh at a surgeon's attempt at humor.  Back in the day the circulating nurse always adjusted the lighting. There were none of those sterile light handles for the surgeons to fiddle with the lighting independently. No self serve gas stations and no self serve overhead OR lights.; It worked out better the old fashioned way and it gave someone a useful job. Check out that gleaming green ceramic tile with visible grout lines in the upper right corner of the image. Don't even think about culturing those grout lines cuz we certainly never did. In Dr. Slambow's vernacular this was indeed the tiled temple. I don't see any electronic devices here (Hoo  Ray) especially the fact there are no computers. I just hope those surgeons have their perineal fallout prophylactic rubber bands in place around their ankles.


  1. It's tough to tell from that B+W photo, but her dress looks to be a different shade from the surgeon's scrub suits. I wonder if it's pink like the scrub dresses from the old days.