Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Doctor Says Take 2 Aspirin and Smoke a Cigarette


  1. True story ~ a urology surgeon who could be a bear went in a room to see a TURP patient of his....
    Pt. was smoking a ciggie. Doc read him the riot act ~ "Why did I even bother doing surgery on you when you are still smoking?!?!"

    Said Doc stomped out to the nursing desk, threw {and I DO mean "threw"} the chart across the desk,
    sat down,
    and lit a cigarette!

    If I had been Leroy Jethro Gibbs of NCIS, I would have head-slapped him!!!

    Those old ads crack me up!!!

  2. I once worked with an old school surgeon that finally found a use for that fancy black doctor's bag given to him by Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals at his med school graduation. It became his "smoking bag," filled with cigarettes, pipes, and tobacco pouches. He used to tell us that the only place he could smoke was the hospital; his wife outlawed the practice of smoking at home.

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