Thursday, October 8, 2015

An Exciting New Product - The Nurse's Helmcapet

For decades, nurses were easily differentiated from other hospital personnel by their stylish white caps. They really bestowed a certain sense of authority to the wearer. Who was going to argue with a tough old nurse in a white cap wielding an 18 gauge needle and asking "Which side would you like it on?"  Nurses caps had a lot  more cred (see I can even talk like one of you whippersnapperns) than those plastic laminated badges with the big letters "RN."

Nurses' caps also served as a non- monetary reward system for nursing students. Every 3 year diploma nurse vividly remembers their capping and banding ceremonies. It really was a big deal and the cap became a badge of honor.

The cap's demise was fueled by a perceived lack of function and nurses probably got tired of caring for them. The closure of 3 year diploma schools was probably the cap's death knell. There has never been a worthy replacement of the nurses' cap. This is about to change.

Now, from the Oldfoolrn  product development institute, I am proud to present the Nurse's Helmcapet. I have spared no offense expense to develop this game changing product.  Originally, my staff wanted to call it simply a helmet cap, but I don't think that sounds nursey or proper.

This cap is very functional and will protect the nurse from swinging trapezes, hanging IV bottles bags (they still hurt) and even patient assaults. It also keeps the nurse's hair up off the shoulder which every diploma graduate knows is a mortal sin worthy a boatload of demerits. Long hair was thought to be an infection hazard that caused as many septic issues as the great plague.The beauty of this innovative new product lies in the marriage of form and function.

It quickly, once the laugher subsides,  identifies the person as a nurse. The plain white prototype model shown below is suitable for a beginning student. For senior student nurses and RNs a traditional black band is added around the lower circumference of the helmcapet with 3/4 inch wide black electrical tape. Now we call it the senior taping ceremony instead of old-fashioned banding. A true melding of tradition with modern practicality.

This is  prototype helmcapet
A production specialist at The OldfoolRN institute carefully inspects The Nurses' Helmcapet. The beautiful and equally functional Helmcapets are awaiting the finishing touch, applying the black band of electrical tape around the base. Note the close scrutiny of the supervisor (right background.)

Watch for another new product launch by the oldfoolrn product development institute. It's called the PenWaScis, a Swiss army knife sort of tool useful to all nurses.  It is a combination pen, watch, and scissors. You can't imagine the utility of this handy dandy  device in such a small package. Just ignore the patient when he asks, "Why are you cutting my dressing off with your watch?" 


  1. White is totally out. Licensed in my hospital now wear ceil blue, as in heavenly. I was told by a much younger nurse (I'm old but not near as old as you -- I presume) that white gets gray over time and looks bad. GASP! They wanted to wear black because it looked dignified and slimming. To which I reminded those who would listen that black is connected with death, goth and mourning. Can you imagine waking up in a hospital bed to a bunch of bodies bending over you all dressed in black?