Friday, October 16, 2015

Recipe for a Nurse-circa 1930

Hmm... What a tempting target for snarky comments. I guess I should respect the fact that it's from a different time.


  1. I collect old medical & nursing books ~ this looks like it could have come from some of them!
    A different time indeed!

  2. When high school girls wrote to a diploma school of nursing expressing interest, the school mailed out a promotional pamphlet about the school. This "recipe for a nurse" is from a scan of Chicago's Cook County Hospital school of nursing brochure from 1930. It was the first page a prospective student read upon opening the brochure. I have another promotional pamphlet from the 1960's and the "recipe" was replaced with "Is Nursing for You." The copy read: What kind of person are you? Do you care about people? Are you the warm and friendly type who likes to work with all kinds of people, young and old, rich or poor? do you enjoy caring for the sick? Maybe nursing is for you.

    Can you make decisions? Are you willing to learn, and do you enjoy it? Do you have good study habits? If you can answer YES to all these questions, then you probably would make a good nurse.

    We used to always affectionately refer to Cook County Hospital as "The County" and I still catch myself referring to any hospital as "The County." Old foolish habits die hard!

    Collecting old medical books sounds very interesting. I still treasure all the old care plans and memos that I saved from nursing school.

  3. I worked at a "County" too! (in California)

    I've got some great old books ~ like a 1942 Lippincot (sp?) nursing manual, with state board example questions in it...

    "How do you coddle an egg?" is one of my favorites!