Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Foolish Photos II

"Just flip this switch right here and we will be able to listen to Guiding Light"

"Don't worry Mr. Dunkfeather these new robotic circumcision machines never make a mistake."

Oh boy, I have been in this situation many times, being on the hot seat in front the Director of Nursing. It's never a pleasant experience. Here are some possible heinous offenses that would get you called in.

"Nice job polishing your clinic shoes, but you forgot to Clorox the laces. Lets shape up"

"At this institution we wear our caps parallel to our faces NOT on the top of  the head!" This was a common source of complaints from administration. Note how the director is wearing her cap. It doesn't look parallel to me.

"You are wearing black bobbie pins with your white cap. That is improper, they MUST be white."

"You were seen with a white powder substance in your purse. Are you a crack addict?" My response, No it's Polident powder for my dentures. Would you care to sample some?"

1 comment:

  1. The first one looks like it might be a very early version of an EKG monitor...
    Too funny about the 'circumcision machine' (YIKES! a mechanical mohel) and no, her cap doesn't look parallel!
    What a lot of inconsequential BS we had to put up with!!