Saturday, October 3, 2015

Foolish Photos

I found some old photos in my basement that unfortunately lacked captions. Here is what I came up with.
Miss Bruiser, instructor at the school of nursing admonishes one of her charges. "Stop snickering Kathy, I said occipital, NOT ox spittle."

"Yikes! His chest sounds like a Maytag on the rinse cycle"

Student nurses at The County welcome 2 victims volunteers to the nursing arts procedure practice lab. " Today we are doing continuous bladder irrigations. Who wants to be first?" the eager nurses inquire of their hapless "patients. "

"With this new universal scope we can visualize any body cavity through any orifice. When positioning, just be certain to have the correct end of the patient up in the air. Oh, and don't forget to apply a liberal application of Surgi-Lube to the business end of this baby."



  1. I ahd to laugh at the last one... it reminds me of one of the "Laws" from the book "The House of God"... "There is no body cavity that cannot be reached by a #14 gauge needle and a good strong arm".

    Thanks for the giggle!

  2. I have a bunch of old photos that need captions, maybe I'll do another batch sometime. I had a brain freeze ( a common occurrence at my age) on that last photo. I'm certain someone can come up with a better caption-I would love to hear it

    Thanks for mentioning that book, Bobbie, I will have to put it on my reading list

  3. Oooh ~ yes please! on more old pix that need captions!

    I have both menopause brain, AND 'CRSS' ~ Can't Remember Sh** Syndrome, so don't feel bad!!

    I remember using the roller type Addressograph machines when I started out... lucky, at that time I always had short hair. Then we progressed to the ones without a roller, so that danger was gone. And nowadays, I believe most places use computers, so no worries there.

    I worked an ortho floor for a short time, and I remember having to dodge those blasted trapezes and weights ~ Yikes!

    Carry on!!

  4. Thanks for the encouraging words